n’cloud Delight

n’cloud delight CRM

Manage and optimize tasks.
Increases qualityand reduces efforts and errors by automatictasks.

Actively manage, e.g. advertising and marketing campaigns to specific target groups with series e-mail, SMS or mail delivery.

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n’cloud delight ERP

Plan production processes, create automatic supplier orders and reduce efforts while quality is being improved.

Manage actively from initial inquiry to sales, through the offer phase, in production and post-production until the invoicing takes place.

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n’cloud delight Insurance

Manage and optimize tasks. Increases qualityand reduces efforts and errors by automatictasks.

Defined through distribution keys and automatic career step plans. Fees and commissions are settled on agent level, cancellation rates and cancellation regulations are being considered automatically.

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 n’cloud delight Therapy

Via MediPort or via paper with G4.3 calculation form (Physiotherapist, EMR tariff 590, etc.)

For billing of physiotherapists, ergotherapists, EMR-NVS, ASCA etc. According to hourly rates or taxplaces and material articles (eg Migel)

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n’cloud DMS / QMS / Intranet

n'cloud DMS

n’cloud DMS is a standardized DMS & archiving system for SME companies. All your company related documents and records are saved via pre-defined action rules.

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n'cloud QMS

Our QMS supports you in setting up or maintaining your ISO certification.

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n'cloud Intranet

With the Intranet add-on you get an internal Internet with access to all documents.

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n’cloud Managed Application Hosting

Infrastructure as a Service – Server Hosting

You are already familiar and used to one or more software applications (e.g., Accounting, CRM, ERP) and want to virtualize them to enable your employees, partners, or customers a location-independent access?

We virtualize your software package individually in our data center and therefore reduce your investment and cost budget.

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n’cloud Cloud Drive / Team Portal

n’cloud Cloud Drive  is our perfect solution if you want to share files or ffolders with your employees or co-workers, external partners or customers. Share files and folder time limited or password protected. All of your data is encrypted and comes with full Backup and Recovery. Retention-period for deleted files is 3 months. That way your files and folders are stored securely, available at any place and at any time plus you are saving costs and work for local storagemedia or backups.

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Simultaneous working on documents, independed of location and time.

Easy organization

Easy organization of your project data.

Send invites

Send invites to exchange files with field workers, customers, suppliers, etc.

Access control

Control access to projects or single files.


Edit office-documents in your webbrowser.

Private and business use

n’cloud Cloud Drive / Team Portal is great for private as well as business purposes

n’cloud Act!

With Act! you and your team keep the overview over current Contact- and Activitydata. Automate sales-processes or send targeted E-Marketing campagins – from the office or on the road.

Act! is an affordable and user-friendly CRM-Solution for customer-relations management made for single users, teams and small businesses. Manage interrested parties, customer data, appointments and sales chances in one place. Send targeted E-mail marketing campaigns, market your products and services more effectively to increase your sales – from the office or on the road.

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n’cloud Sage 50

Keep your finances in check

No matter the size of your business, we have the matching business administraton software for your needs. From the simple software for book keeping and finances with salary- and HR-Software  to a full ERP-solution which can represent all your business processes.
Together we will find the correct software-solution for you.

  • Chose the same administrative accounting as your trustee
  • Execute your bookings and payments quickly and easily
  • Thanks to debitors and creditors, you will always know your financial situation and can send out targetet remindes.
  • Be ready for the new swiss monetary transcations with formats after ISO 20022
  • Create highest datasecurity in E-Banking thanks to the neweset standards (EBICS)