Dario Corsini – If not on the cloud, then with high speed on the racetrack

The rapid rise of the cloud market and the increasing importance of cloud computing, which is regarded as the digitization tool par excellence, lead to the question of suitable job profiles and competences. For some time now, a traditional IT specialist is not enough anymore to fulfil the needs in terms of technical developments of a modern IT company like Netkom IT Services GmbH. It is out of question that the digital revolution is a particular challenge for companies. As new job profiles emerge, such as the Chief Digital Officer, IT has become a true service department. In times of the cloud, it is even more important to drive innovation forward and to adapt services to special requirements imposed by the customer, but also by competitive pressure and market changes.

Dario Corsini is an absolute expert in not only generating ideas, but also implementing them in a technically high-quality manner. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he manages Netkom IT Services GmbH on a technical level and bears responsibility for the Datacenter. His mission is to ensure network communication and technical implementation of all services. He is supported by a team of data center specialists and IT engineers and attaches great importance to teamwork. “With a certain complexity, you cannot work alone. A good team is extremely important”, says Dario Corsini.

In addition, he considers technical and leadership skills, as well as communicative ability as extremely important qualities that a CTO must have. Without these qualities, the successful launch of the first hyperconverged services for Netkom’s n’cloud.swiss would not have been possible. He likes to remember this as an important milestone in his career at Netkom, as well as the linkage of n’cloud.swiss. In addition to his work as a CTO, he is member of the management team and assumes various responsibilities in the area of IT project management and internal management.

Away from the world of cloud computing Dario Corsini practices a special hobby. As a racing driver, he gives full throttle on the race track and rushes from victory to victory with high speed. With his Opel Astra G OPC, built in 2000, he secured the class win in September of this year in the VLN (Touring Association Nürburgring) and is not only successful as CTO, but also as a racing driver. Everything started like with all the big racing drivers, of course with the go-kart.

The legend about the “green hell”, as the Nürburgring is called by racing drivers, has not left him since a visit with friends. Interestingly, he sees many parallels to his profession as a CTO. “The fire must not be less in IT. That’s why we need to cool our servers”, Dario Corsini emphasizes laughing. In fact, he must make many decisions quickly and correctly in the race as well as at work. With a wrong decision, you land not only with the racing car on the guardrail, but also besides the cloud, where among other things data security, failure safety and accessibility play an extremely important role. Despite the passion for the race, which is clearly heard in his voice, we do not have to fear that our CTO will leave us to become a professional racing driver.

“For me, racing is a balance and my second great passion besides IT. But I also need both to be happy “

Netkom IT Services GmbH even supports him as a sponsor, giving him the opportunity to race once a month, especially in the summer season, which corresponds to about 10 events a year.