Flashback Future Friday Lunch 27.10.2017 Lucerne

The digital revolution is reaching us rapidly. What is not digitized, will be digitized. Companies and organizations are facing the big challenge of successfully mastering the digital transformation. On Friday, 27.10.2017, the companies FutureManagementGroup AG, Netkom IT Services GmbH and Litecom AG invited to the first regularly held event on “Future Development – Opportunities for your company”. Decision makers of companies from a wide variety of industries, specialists and solution providers participated at this event, where topics, trends and promising solutions were presented and discussed.

André Matter, CEO and founder of Netkom IT Services GmbH, explained the importance of successfuly managing the digital transformation. He drew attention to the importance of agility, availability, scalability and speed, as well as to an inevitable merger of business and IT. Companies can only meet the demand for digitization if they can learn faster, react and implement new ideas.

Subsequently, the FutureManagementGroup AG made clear that companies had to deal with the future and have to think about the picture of the future. One thing that should not be underestimated is the fact that innumerable future factors affect us. As the FutureManagementGroup AG continued to emphasize, digitization has an impact on at least 11 out of 15 technologies. The big question therefore remains to what kind of business models digitized products can lead. Changes come in most cases externally, e.g. through startups with innovative ideas. Interestingly, many technology developments are not linear, but exponential and suddenly pick up at some point. Therefore, the ability to react quickly is more in demand than ever.

However, companies will continue to struggle with topics and trends of the future. Pascal Dossenbach, Chief Marketing Officer of Netkom IT Services GmbH, therefore recommended in his presentation to deal with the beginnings of the digital age. The technological development and adoption by users has always been exponential. Considered as the most important digitization tool cloud computing is on everyone’s lips today, which is why experts tend to name it “the next big thing”.

Netkom started in 2009 with its own cloud. As Pascal Dossenbach showed, Google Cloud and AlibabaCloud went on the market in the same year. Netkom has changed its business model several times over the years, but its core business has always been IT. n’cloud.swiss could be developed as a unique product this year that gives companies the opportunity to build their own cloud according to their needs as a service model by Netkom, as an ON-PREMISE deployment on existing IT infrastructures, or even as a hybrid variant.

Of course, questions about security come up in all areas of cloud computing. In fact, the interconnectedness of devices in the era of IoT requires addressing issues around cybersecurity. In its presentation, Litecom AG drew attention to the fact that with the extremely rapid growth of the cloud market, cyberattacks would steadily increase. Infections today are extremely simple and can be quickly distributed through various channels on the Internet. Litecom AG, a specialist in cybersecurity, offers a variety of software solutions to ensure a high level of security.

In a final question and discussion session, the topics discussed were analysed together before the event was concluded with a visit and show in the IhomeLab of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences as well as a joint lunch and networking.

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On behalf of all organizers, we would like to thank you for a successful event and for many participants. We look forward to seeing you all again at our next event. For questions and feedback on the event, we are available for you at any time.