«Make your own cloud» – n’cloud.swiss

With n‘cloud.swiss you can make « your» own cloud with one solution tailored to your needs.
Either in a service model by Netkom, as an on-prem in-house solution or even in a hybrid model.

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Our n’cloud. swiss solution

Wide ranging target group

Why use n‘cloud.swiss?

The n’cloud.swiss features

Swiss cloud provider offering services from Switzerland to the world

– Cloud provider with extensive experience and a broad customer range since 2009
– Cloud consulting projects for large enterprises
– Own DevOp Team
– High security data center in the Swiss mountains
– Personal support
– Worldwide expansion
– Attractive partner models

All cloud deployment models

– Private cloud
– Public cloud
– Hybrid cloud
– Community cloud

All cloud service models

– Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
– Platform as a Service (PaaS)
– Software as a Service (SaaS)


– Admin, Developer, Operation, User
– Manage your deployments in dev-, test- and productive systems

Integrated market place with 142 applications from 30 different business sectors

– Upload your own applications
– E-Business software market place (shop in shop) with integrated payment system in Q1/2018

API connectivity and cloud exit strategy for an easy and fast transfer of environments from and to other cloud platforms

– VMware
– Amazon AWS
– Google and Microsoft Azure in Q1 & Q2 / 2018

Subscription model: « Monthly » or « pay as you go »

HIGHLIGTH: ON PREM VERSION for large enterprises –
« Deploy n‘cloud.swiss- 
where you want it! »

– Compatible to all leading server-, storage- and network suppliers
– Multi cloud compatibility – Central or distributed deployment
– License model supported by Netkom
– Operation model either managed, semi-managed or unmanaged

Ready for IoT, Big Data & Analytics

Cloud services cover IT requirements in all areas

Compute Services

Offers the ability to build and fully control a scalable, agile, yet simple to manage on-prem infrastructure for all applications, containers and other aspects of the SDDC

Block Storage

Software-defined block storage service provides applications with persistent scalable virtual volumes

Object Storage

For the first time, offers unified and durable cloud-driven storage in which objects storage resides side by side with block storage on the same hyperconverged infrastructure


Software-defined network services offer tenants optimal control over their private virtual network, including selection of internal IP address range, configuration of virtual routers and connectivity to network gateways


Fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service that removes the operational barriers of adopting a container-based strategy, by reducing the need for skilled and experienced talent as well as the lifecycle management overhead of Kubernetes


Fully managed database as a service that removes operational friction of deploying databases and managing common database administrative tasks throughout their lifecycle

Load Balancer-as-a-Service

Automatically distribute application traffic across multiple compute instances to deliver cloud-grade high availability, scalability and performance

Application Catalog

In addition to 142+ pre-packed stacks, admins can create VM template catalogs to boost developers productivity and offer customers additional services

Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring services for all virtual resources and health notifications

Identity and Access Management

User authentication and access service offers integration with user stores (LDAP, AD) and distributed multi-tenant authorization

Migration Services (V-to-V)

Automatic conversion services for easy on-boarding of VMs and volumes from VMware and


– Optimize resource utilization, increasing workload and VM density threefold without additional hardware
– Eliminate third party vendors and licenses
– Pay as you grow with a subscription-based model


– Spin up 100s of VMs in minutes
– Support VMs and containers natively
– Gain agility with quick and automatic deployment of services and applications
– Rich, self-service application catalog

Control, Flexibility and Scalability

– Ensure optimized control and scalability moving forward
– Benefit from a secure and highly available cloud framework
– Obtain the flexibility to define new business models including quota-based multi-tenancy, hybrid cloud and co-location

User Experience

– An easy-to-use, simple application/services driven experience for business users
– lncrease productivity with a single pane of glass and no need for third party monitoring and management tools

HW-independent infrastructure 

– Leverage a private n’cloud.swiss environment
– Eliminate vendor lock-in for demand-based scaling