n’cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our n’cloud is a flexible, adaptable solution to backup your Data. n’cloud hybrid backup allows you to specify the location of your backup (local and/or in the n’cloud), the timing of your backups as well as the retention policy.

n’cloud Backup

  • Backup of Servers and Workstations

  • Backup and restore of applications

  • encrypted storage of your backups

  • Backup your systems either locally and/or in n’lcoud.
  • Encrypted transmission of your data – SSL
  • Cost-saving


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n’cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Quick recovery of single files, folders, applications and whole system from your local Backupspace or from our n’cloud.
  • Recover to it’s original location, either VM or Bare Metal Server.
  • Recover to different types of hardware.


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n’cloud Protection

The next generation of internet security and anti-virus

Protect your employees and your business-data with a no-compromise internet security solution for desktops, laptops, virtual machines, tables and smartphones to safely surf the internet.


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n’cloud Email Archiving & Encryption


E-Mail Archiving archives your e-mails – secure, clear and conforming to law. Integrated into your Microsoft Outlook this n‘cloud application offers a quick search access to stored e-mails or files. Thereby not only the mailserver but also your budget is relieved noticeably.


Sending and receiving of digitally signed and encrypted E-Mail is more comfortable now than ever. Thanks to the patented, worldwide leading. Secure-E-Mail Gateway small and medium businesses as well as large corporations are securing their complete E-Mail communication on the highest level – with mininal effort and easy usage for senders and receivers.

n’cloud Email Archiving

  • Integrated into Microsoft Outlook
  • Direct access with 256-BIT AES encrypted VPN
  • Automatic Backup
  • 10 GB Space


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n’cloud Email Encryption

  • The Nr. 1 in email encryption – since 15 years
  • Own SEPP Mail Connector directly at the Exchange Maîl System
  • Send E-Mails with arbitrary size
  • Fullfills Compliance-requirements: SOX, PCI, Basel II, HIPAA
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n’cloud DDoS Defense

Die Kosteneffiziente Lösung als Schutz Ihrer Web- und Infrastruktur Server.

DDoS-Attacken legen Server oder ganze Netzwerke regelrecht lahm. Im Gegensatz zu einer einfachen Denial-of-Service-Attacke (DoS) haben Distributed Denial-of-Service-Attacken (DDoS) eine immense Schlagkraft.
Mehrere Computer greifen dabei gleichzeitig und im Verbund (Botnetze) eine Webseite oder eine ganze Netzinfrastruktur an.
Einige Botnetze haben bereits mehrere zehntausend Computer unter Kontrolle.

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n’cloud System Monitoring

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n’cloud System Monitoring is an integrated IT-System-Management-Platform which seamlessly covers different IT areas. It makes it easier for you to rationalise and automate your IT-services.

Our solution integrates the most important management functionality in a single platform and increases the productivity of your employees, increases the security of your system, increases the reliability of your services and eleveates the value of your solutions. Instead of reacting when problems arise, keep an overview over the health of your installation and detect bottlenecks before they become bigger issues.


Patchmanagement keeps your servers, workstations and remote pcs up to date with the newest security patches and software updates.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and manage your complete on-premise infrastructure


Automatic installation and updates of over 110 third-party software packages (for instance Java, Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Chrome and many more)

Auditing & Inventory

To keep up with all your systems and installed software is made easy with the functionality of Audit & Inventory. No matter where the hardware is physically located.


Location-independent operating and support of systems. Access your system with almost instant connection-times and exceptional reliability – even on high-latency networks.

Complete Automatisation

We’re using standard based procedures with proactive actions to increase the reliablity of your systems.